Hi Guys, this is our first interview with Pro Soccer Players of 15 Things That You Need To Know about them. And to start we have 15 Questions about Toni Dovale Sporting Kansas Player (of course, we start with Toni!! He is our founder!!!). I really encourage you to leave your comments with more questions that you would like to know and with wich questions you would like that we ask for the next players.

Vamos with the Test:


1- What are your studies?

I am finishing a degree in pharmacy

2- If you were not a soccer player, what would you be?

I just want to play soccer since I was born. But I like sciences, too.

3- Who was your childhood idol?

I think Messi is the best soccer player ever, but Ronaldinho was fun to watch.

4- What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to hang out with my girlfriend and friends. I spend a lot of time traveling, so I also love to stay at home with my family.

5- What did you love about soccer when you were young?

I loved playing and having fun with my friends. Weekends playing so many games with my first club was also great.

6- What did you hate about soccer when you were young?

I loved almost everything about soccer when I was young. Nowadays, traveling too much is the only thing that I don’t like.

7- What is the secret that you think made you become a professional soccer player?

I think there are too many things you need to become a pro soccer player, but it is not possible without a mixture of talent, determination and luck.

8- What was the most important soccer advice from your childhood?

Follow your dream, stay positive and get ready for tough moments, cause they’ll come.

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9- Do you have any ritual before you play a match?

Too many. I always eat the same before a game, call my family, kiss my shin guards and tie the left pace first.

10- When did you discover that you wanted to be a soccer player?

I just want to play soccer since I was born.

11- What is your next challenge?

At this moment, win championships is my objective.

12- What would you like to change about soccer?

Too many things about the business. Nothing about what happens in the field. The business should take care about the players, nothing is gonna grow without them.

13- What do you think soccer has taken away?

Absolutely nothing. I have the life I dreamed because of playing soccer profesionally. I had to give up many things, but I just followed my dream.

14-  Can you tell me one anecdote?

This year traveling from Montreal to Columbus we had a delayed flight. Finally it was canceled and some players flew a few hours later to New York. Once we arrived there, a storm paralyzed the airport, and our flight to Columbus was canceled. Finally, I had to sleep in Manhattan with 8 teammates.

15- What would you advise for a young kid that would like to get to be in your situation someday?

Don’t press himself. He should just enjoy the moment and have fun. Everything comes at the right moment.


The End

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