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BARCELONA SOCCER EXCELLENCE is a soccer academy founded by professional players and coaches with vast experience and expertise instructing younger players, as well as a close relationship with FC Barcelona youth teams.

The strength of BARCELONA SOCCER EXCELLENCE is in its highly qualified staff. The staff has experience coaching in the United States and abroad, and uses a globally respected methodology to create a wide variety of programs of optimum quality. Barcelona Soccer Excellence has the freedom to operate in any market, at any time, and has the ability to adapt to the needs of their partners, always respecting the wishes and needs of each culture and community.

BSE is a soccer academy that wants to bring a unique training method into the world. Our interest is not to sell a brand; instead, we aim to offer a top quality service.

BARCELONA SOCCER EXCELLENCE has created a methodology that develops an individual’s talent to the fullest extent.  The purpose of BSE is to share this methodology with the rest of the world.

BSE thinks that the ball should be the means and the goal of training. If you practic a lot you will develop better skills.

Barcelona Soccer Excellence teach the children to think. Creating challenges to help them to experiment and to find solutions.

BSE methodology is based on FC Barcelona’s style. This style is a consequence, not the cause of one form of understand soccer.

The challenge of Barcelona Soccer Excellence passes to reinvent something that could be defined as “innovating innovation”.

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