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I think that there are a lot of data driven facts in soccer that we are not aware about them. Those can show us a better way to do some things (like free kicks or corners). With this Infographic I just want to show you 10 data driven facts about soccer, some of them curious and some of them actionable.

I found this data reading two awesome books about socccer and data: Soccernomics & The Numbers games. You really should take a look at those books if you are curious about what data have to tell us about soccer!

Remember: Numbers Don’t Lie!!

*Do you know any others interesting facts about soccer?? Please share it with me in the comments!!

Infographic - 10 FACTS about soccer that you probably don't know


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2.6 is the average of Goals scored in the top Leagues.

Just 1 of every 35 #Freekicks end in a goal.

1 Out of 10 Feroes residents goes to the Stadium every Week

Doing the Substitutions before 58′-73′-79′ maximizes your chances of win.

FC Barcelona is the #Soccer Club with most fans in the world. 44,2M.

A Study shows that the best #corner is closed to the 1st Post.

A Research shows that a Coach could influence a 20% in the final positions of the league.

Only 2% of the shoots from outside the Box are #Goals

53″ is the average time that a #soccer player have the ball in a match.

The Salary Wages of the players influence a 59% on the final position in the TOP Leagues.


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Writed with Love by:

Diego Gómez, Cofounder and Goalkeeper coach of Barcelona Soccer Excellence

Diego Gómez. Cofounder and Goalkeeper coach of Barcelona Soccer Excellence

Diego Gómez. Cofounder and Goalkeeper coach of Barcelona Soccer Excellence

– 8 years with FC Barcelona Youth teams.

– 4 years with Real Madrid Youth teams.

– Spanish U15-U14 National Team.

– AC Milan Hong Kong soccer school coach.

– UEFA Licensed coach

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