At the beginning of the 21st century, historic club legends like Rifé or “Tarzan” Migueli were managing FC Barcelona youth academy, showing how important homegrown players have become for the club’s culture. It’s important to remember that the next manager of the world’s best academy was Guillermo Amor, another legend and the first homegrown player to play the “tiki-taka” style, which is currently the most popular soccer style in the world. Using the “tiki-taka” style of play, the Spanish National Team has won two Euro Cups and one World Cup since 2008. “Tiki-taka” style attempts to win games through possession of the ball, using short passes and player’s skills to control the game and win matches.


One of the many unique facets of Barcelona Soccer Club is the many years of working with the same philosophy based on ball possession. We have been repeating, adapting, and perfecting our game for many years, making it a big part of our identity.


Today, Pep Guardiola is the brightest star in “tiki-taka” style due to his success as both a player and as a coach. However, it’s also important to remember the earlier part of his career before he became the most successful coach of this century. He coached FC Barcelona youth academy, as his first step towards global success. Many players with different positions and characteristics found success as professional soccer players developing our game style, with a common denominator of believing in the same concepts, the same ideas, and the same style. A clear example is to remember the FC Barcelona teams of recent years: Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Busquets, Fabregas, Piqué, Pedrito, and Bojan are all homegrown players of different positions and different skills, but they are connected by a common philosophy and style. Barcelona Soccer Club knows first hand how those stars have been trained through the years, and that’s just what we reproduce in our training sessions.

Bojan Krkic in La Masia

Bojan Krkic playing in La Masia with Diego Gómez (Barcelona Soccer Club Cofounder)


Everybody knows that the FC Barcelona pro team is formed by a high percentage of homegrown players. However, it is even more important to consider that there are more than one hundred pro players currently playing in La Liga who were developed in FC Barcelona youth academy. This speaks to the extremely high quality formation we have been developing over many years.

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Writed with Love by:

Toni Dovale,    Cofounder and Chairman of Barcelona Soccer Club

Toni Dovale - Chairman Barcelona Soccer Club


– Current  Sporting Kansas City Player (MLS)

– Celta de Vigo Pro Soccer Player (Spanish First Division)

– 4 years with FC Barcelona Youth Teams.

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BARCELONA SOCCER CLUB is a soccer academy founded by professional players and coaches with vast experience and expertise instructing younger players, as well as a close relationship with FC Barcelona youth teams.


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