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Working together to achieve soccer Excellence

Why You Should Work With Us

Improve Your Coaches

Your coaches will have the opportunity to work side by side with us so they can learn our knowledge and coaching style.

Help Your Players

Your players will improve their skills with a plus by offering them a special Club/Academy member discount.


Differentiate from the rest

Take part in this win-win joint promotion. Be more noticeable! You are bringing foreign TOP coaches.

economical compensation

Receive a fee for all players or coaches that participate in the program.

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Who We Are

Know more about our Philosophy, our Methodology, meet Our Team and discover our Values.

BSE Academy

Improve your soccer skills and become a smarter player with weekly sessions learning the Barcelona way . 

BSE Camp

Learn soccer from our Barcelona affiliated staff during 5 days using the best training methodologies available.

Barcelona Soccer Tour

Bring your team to Barcelona to experience a PRO stage with UEFA Coaches, plus enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

BSE Coaches Clinics

Learn from UEFA PRO lecturers and dig deeper in the new training methodologies that the big clubs and coaches are using.


We select the best players from our programs to play in the MIC against the best teams of the world

Soccer Residence

Come to Barcelona for 1, 3, or 10 months and play in one of the top 10 academy teams in Spain

Barcelona SE Methodology

Get access to our methodology at an affordable price. Have your academy sessions developed by us and online formation for your coaches.

Partner with BSE

BSE doesn't compete with local clubs or organizations; instead we work together to accomplish bigger things.

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