Rondo 4 v 1

Don't repeat pass with the closer teammate
Well, in this new post series  we want to share soccer exercises each month with you. As we always said, the quality of the work is not about knowing what to do, is about knowing why you do it!!! Because of that we will share with you the exercise, the focus, the key factor, the classification of the exercise and the age range for the exercise. We would to start with a typical and easy exercise that everybody could use, The Rondo (or monkey in the middle). We know that everybody uses a Rondo and there are many types of rondo, but the most important thing to know is the objective of the rondo you are using.

Title: Rondo 4 vs 1.


Global decontextualized.

Teaching Strategy:



Decontextualized (conservation).


4 vs 1.

Technical content:

  • Control.
  • Pass.

Tactical content:

  • Switch the orientation of the game.


5m x 5m (the space highly depends on the level and age of the players. Start bigger and make it smaller if the players are good enough).

Age range:

8 years and older. At older ages the technical and tactical content loses its sense and is mainly use for warm up.

Part of the training:

Initial part (warm up).



  • The 4 players that are playing outside must to keep the possession of the ball as long as they can.
  • The players have to play between the cones. They are not aloud to play in the middle.
  • The player who loses the ball plays inside and the player that was in the middle plays outside.
  • Maximum of 2 touches (you can change this rule in function of the level and space).

Key normative (this normative is the one that made the tactical content to appear):

  • Outside players cannot repeat a pass with the players next to him. If 1 pass to  2, 2 cannot pass back to 1.

Key aspects to correct by the coach:

  • Control with the furthest feet (this aloud the player to switch the orientation of the game faster).
  • Body positioning.  The players have to orient the body to seek the maximum space possible.
  • Pass with the inside the foot.
  • Control with the inside of the foot.
  • Remark the tactical content. Switching the orientation of the game.


Thank You very much for reading it ;). As we always said, if you like it, share it!! It is a demonstration that you like it!
Writed with Love by:
Diego Gómez

Diego Gómez

Cofounder & Coach

– 8 years with FC Barcelona Youth teams. – 4 years with Real Madrid Youth teams. – Spanish U15– U14 National Team. – Soccer Coach in Hong Kong’s AC Milan School – UEFA A Licensed Coach. –Diego at Wikipedia

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